Residents of Union and Snyder Counties will be starting the New Year with a new 911 system. The current Union and Snyder 911 centers will go permanently out of service Sunday night at 11 p.m. The new 911 service for both counties, Central Susquehanna Regional 911, will then go into service. Snyder County Commissioner Chairman Joe Kantz says the process started three years ago after the state urged all counties to consider consolidation of 911 centers.

Kantz says after a three-year study by both sets of county commissioners, the move makes sense for each county’s residents, “You’ve got two counties that are very similar in size, they share a judicial district, and really, one 911 center will be more than adequate to meet the needs of both counties, especially with today’s technology.”

Kantz also hopes the move makes sense in taxpayers’ eyes, starting with seeing savings in staffing, “The two counties combined will have a better resource available to them to make sure we’re protecting our residents with 911 coverage at all times. The biggest in savings is replacement of equipment. Very few pieces we buy for 911 when it comes to the larger technology pieces are less than a few hundred thousand dollars. So you can imagine how that would add up with two counties.”

Together, Snyder and Union Counties have over 80 years of combined service. (Matt Catrillo) WKOK December 31, 2017